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Using FORMA-X, you do not only protect your rims, but secure yourself a brand new appearance!




Online orders are being sent off, within 24 hours after payment in advance is received!




FORMA-X wheel guard you can purchase in different towns all over the country, where you can ask for proffessional fitting ont he spot, free of charge.



You can find here the fitting instructions, if you want to do it yourself!


The Forma-X wheel guard is a NEW product to safequard your values and at the same time, to give a touch of colour to your valuable alloy wheels.

The Forma-X comes in 7 different colours :
Yellow : a touch of sunshine on black wheels, or young elegance on silver wheels
Green : nature and harmony on all colours
Blue : very young and sporty
Red : emotional and very cool
White : just like US tyres from the early ’50s, will make your white wheels look biger, and your black wheels look more sharp edged
Grey : the hiding colour, that will protect your wheels in secret, without calling any attention
Black : that will match your black windows, or make your white wheels look smaller.

By using Forma-X, your alloy wheels will look brand new again! The previously collected scratches will be hiden by Forma-X, and you will feel as if you have put new wheels on your car, for only the fragment of new wheel price. Forma-X, comes in sets of 4 pieces, to fit universal sizes of wheels, from 13” up to 21”. You can easily apply them on your wheels yourself, but you can choose from the bellow tyre shops for a perfect and clean fitting. Forma-X, can be fitted on the wheels without dismounting, yet the car must be lifted,and some air has to be let out of the tyre

Feedback from our customers:

First I thought „25 thousand HUF for a plastic ring…..would be too much.” Yet I tried it, and my first meeting with the pavement, already saved me 30 thousand HUF, because I didn’t have to change my alloys. I’d say now,„IT WAS WORTH IT.”

It is a fantastic developement. What a pity it was not my idea. Practically I can choose any trendy colour, and it will hide the result of my not too successful manouvers! I can only recomend it.

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